Scraper Systems: Clear snow from your fleet – less than 30 seconds per vehicle. Up to 60 per hour.

 Scraper Systems™ FleetPlows are North America’s best-selling truck and bus-top snow removal machines.Designed for fast, effortless, and low-maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions.

What are the benefits of Scraper Systems?

Stop paying your drivers to wait until their vehicles are cleared. FleetPlows clear snow quickly and get your fleet on the road!

Clearing snow manually can take all day. Our patented and proven FleetPlow takes just minutes.

An automated snow removal system can prevent injuries that result from the hazards of manually removing snow from trailer roofs. Your employees are safer. Your company loses less work time due to injuries, and reduces workers compensation claims.

Just 6 inches of snow atop a 53-foot trailer typically adds 2,500 lbs and can cause your load to be overweight. FleetPlows remove the snow and significantly increase fuel efficiency.

Heavy snow can cause trailer roofs to crush and improper snow removal techniques can damage your vehicles. FleetPlows remove snow safely and protect your equipment.

Scraper Systems are designed for fast, efficient, low-maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions.

Because the portable model is mounted to a heavy- duty rollable chassis frame, it can be repositioned to different locations within your facility. It performs just as fast and efficiently as our other models and makes it easy to reclaim space in your shipping yard after the winter season has passed.

The deep-V plow blade is over 13′ wide and discharges up to 24″ of deep, heavy, wet snow off both sides of the trailer. Even in uneven terrain, the pliable rubber edge of the plow blade remains in constant contact with the trailer tops thanks to our Accu-Track™ guide system. And it is safe to use on translucent roofs.

Standard FleetPlow models clear from 7 foot vans to 14-foot-high trailers and coaches with the touch of a button. Even flatbeds can be accommodated. The plow assembly is powered by our extreme-duty chain hoist.

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