Specialized Presentations

These presentations in the form of lunch and learn seminars offer a wide range of useful information. We suggest that you integrate them into your employees’ schedules, when appropriate, based on your activities. The following presentations are available:

  • Loading dock safety
  • Loading dock design
  • High volume low speed fans (HVLS)
  • Fly-In Program from Rite-Hite
  • Innovations and new products for your industry
Loading Dock Safety

This on-site one-hour presentation given by industry experts will review various safety questions regarding your loading docks and your plant.

Recommended Participants:

  • Members of the Health and Safety committee – Safety Manager
  • Warehouse and Logistics Managers
  • Plant Manager – Engineers
  • Project Managers

Items on the Agenda:

  • Why is the loading dock a dangerous area?
  • Do accidents happen frequently at the loading dock?
  • What are the costs related to a dangerous dock?
  • What are the solutions in terms of safety?
  • Is your loading dock safe?
  • Does your equipment meet industry standards?


When you are working on a specific project requiring the validation of the dock design, we can assist you by following a two-step process: first by giving you a presentation on the design of a loading dock and second by offering you a consultation and an evaluation of the plans to establish the required technical specifications that will meet your needs.

The presentation includes subjects related to the design of a loading dock: safety, dock height, door dimensions, capacity, types of dock levelers, dock seals, canopies and more. Canado/Nacan Équipements representatives can also give the one-hour presentation “Loading Dock Design” at your location.

Items on the agenda:

  • Trends affecting the loading dock (larger and lower trucks)
  • Dock layout 
  • Dock safety 
  • Solutions and innovative products

The second meeting with the user of the equipment is a consultation to evaluate and select the required equipment based on their needs and to write down specifications in accordance with all the required parameters.

Examples of questions to validate:

  • Type of building
  • Type of operations according to the industry
  • Type of equipment used by material handling
  • Operational challenges