Which type of dock leveler is right for you?

Which type of dock leveler is right for you?

Which type of dock leveler is right for you?

The dock leveler serves as a bridge between the trailer and the storage warehouse within a loading dock. This device generally fills the difference in height between the two compartments and facilitates the transfer of goods. It also ensures the safety of personnel and vehicles such as forklifts throughout the operation. There are several types and models of docks on the market. Discover the criteria you must take into account to make your choice.

The criteria to take into account when choosing a dock

The choice of a dock is not a mission to be taken lightly since it is necessary to opt for a suitable device in order to facilitate and secure all operations. So here are the criteria you need to consider to find the right equipment.

The dimensions of the dock leveler

As a connecting device, the dock leveler will be in direct contact with the loading dock and the trailer. It is therefore essential that its dimensions, in particular its width, be suitable for those of these compartments, that is to say less than or equal to the latter. Here are some details on the length of the ramp:

  • It should not be too short so that the slope is not too steep as this would increase the risk of accidents.
  • Make sure it is not too long to save space and travel time.

The maximum gross load supported by the dock leveler

You must also take into account the maximum gross load supported by the dock leveler in order to limit the risk of the installation collapsing under the weight of the loads, because this type of accident can lead to serious injuries and significant material loss.

To make the right choice, consider the total weight of the load, trolleys and personnel that the bridge must support at the same time during a passage. Moreover, the frequency of passage and use is also an essential criteria for choosing the level of resistance of the equipment.


In general, all dock levelers are equipped with security systems, but some are more practical than others. The hydraulic and pneumatic models make it possible, for example, to eliminate the risk of a sudden fall from the ramp if the truck moves forward without warning.

Plus, they’re easier to install. Mechanical models are less expensive but return directly to their initial position when the trailer moves, which increases the risk of an accident.

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