Invest in AtomikAir to control the air quality in your factory/warehouse!

Indoor air quality in the workplace is critical to the well-being of your employees. A healthy environment promotes concentration, productivity and health. Fortunately, there are solutions designed specifically for this purpose. In addition to good ventilation, you need to install filtration systems. These remove contaminants such as particulate matter, allergens and pollutants from the air. See what AtomikAir can do for you.

Some airborne particles are harmful

In the short term, some harmful particles can cause respiratory problems. These can include coughing, sniffling...

Industrial fans

The temperature in an industrial zone or warehouse is often high. This condition generally reduces worker productivity. What's more, too much heat can damage equipment. At Canado-Nacan Équipements, we have the solution to this type of constraint! We're talking, of course, about industrial fans. Let's take a look.

What is an industrial fan?

An industrial fan improves air circulation in an industrial area. Its use offers a number of advantages: Indoor thermal comfort in all seasons The industrial fan cools indoor air in...

Loading dock planning and design: your safety comes first

The design of a loading dock requires special attention. There are a lot of things to consider. This is essential to ensure safety. That of users, equipment and products. This also ensures energy efficiency and expenses are controlled. At Canado-Nacan Equipment, we offer a planning and design service to help you.

Presentations on loading docks

Are you planning to build a loading dock or do you already have one? Then you should be interested in our expert presentations on loading docks. They...

Discover our industrial doors!

Industrial buildings such as warehouses, loading docks or factories require specific doors. Industrial doors. In particular, they offer a higher level of security. In addition, they are generally faster than standard shutters. In addition, you can install them both indoors and outdoors. At Canado-Nacan Equipment, we offer several models.

Why invest in an industrial door?

This model has been specially designed to facilitate circulation within an industrial area. It has a host of advantages: Optimal security Industrial doors are made with strong and...

Discover the DOK-LOK restraint systems

Various accidents are likely to occur within a loading dock. However, it is entirely possible to anticipate and avoid most of these incidents. To do this, you just need to invest in the right safety equipment. At Canado-Nacan Équipements, we offer, among other things, retaining hooks.

What is a retaining hook?

The truck may accidentally move away from the dock when loading or unloading goods. Such an incident risks injury to employees. The resulting property damage can also be significant. A retaining...

Our investment consultation and analysis service

At Canado-Nacan Équipements, we specialize in safety and environmental control equipment. Our solutions specifically concern loading docks and the industrial environment. Furthermore, we are aware that it is sometimes difficult to assess your needs. The parameters to take into account are numerous and complicated. This is why we provide you with an investment consultation and analysis service. Find out what we offer.

Our consultation service

As a reminder, we are the exclusive distributor of the Rite-Hite brand in the province of Quebec....

Happy Holidays from the whole team!

The holiday season is coming soon! Like every year, we take a little break. We then established a specific schedule. Therefore, our offices will be closed on the following days: Monday December 25, 2023; Tuesday December 26, 2023; Monday January 1, 2024; Tuesday January 2, 2024. Furthermore, we will close at 3:00 p.m. on Friday December 22 and 29, 2023. We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

A little reminder about our services!

We are at your service during usual hours outside of...

Plan the preventive maintenance for your equipment

At Canado-Nacan Équipements, we offer a preventive maintenance service for your equipment. Our technicians can take care of this task. You can request our services at any time.

Why perform preventative maintenance?

There are several reasons to perform preventative maintenance regularly. Thanks to this diligent maintenance, you have the assurance that your equipment is always fully operational. In fact, this prevents the occurrence of severe breakdowns that could lead to a more or less prolonged shutdown of your activities. In a similar way,...

Discover Rite-Hite Zoneworks

In an industrial space, curtain walls are much more practical than traditional walls. However, this equipment is just as effective in terms of insulation and environmental control.

The advantages of opting for a curtain wall

A curtain wall is above all removable. You can easily move it as you wish, depending on the needs of your activities. And this, without having to interrupt your activities for several days or even months sometimes. The installation of this type of equipment is simple and...

Discover our high-speed doors and high-speed rolling doors

High-speed doors are very popular in the industrial sector. These devices have been specially designed to meet specific needs on construction sites. They prove to be both effective and practical. At Canado-Nacan Équipements, we offer several models.

What is a high-speed roller door?

A high-speed door has the ability to open and close at high speed. To do this, it is equipped with advanced technology. Furthermore, it is called “winding” if it has the following characteristics: It rolls up in a vertical...