Canado/Nacan Équipements and Rite-Hite believe that the best way to understand the benefits and characteristics of our products is to see how they work in a real-world setting.


Our representatives can plan a visit at one of our other clients’ location who already uses our products in order to demonstrate the operation of the product that you are considering of buying in a real-world setting.



A personalized and incomparable experience

Are you designing a new dock? Are you building or enlarging a facility or do you wish to modernize your current space? Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy costs and ensure the safety of your employees inside your building? Do you want to know more about the latest industry trends or do you want to discuss your preoccupations? Do you want to better understand the regulations and safety standards?

Rite-Hite and our representatives want to help you. We can create an educational and personalized program for you based on your preoccupations and your specific needs regarding loading docks as well as the interior of your facility. The Rite-Hite Fly-In program is custom designed to help you avoid making strategic decisions that will not meet your needs. Discover the Rite-Hite products in our showrooms. Assist to live product demonstrations. Compare Rite-Hite equipment and products with those of other manufacturers. Inspect and test our products and discover what distinguishes our safety and handling products from other industry products.

Rite-Hite experts in collaboration with your local representative can help you make knowledgeable decisions about your facility. You will be certain that your industrial equipment will offer the safety and productivity that you need for many years to come. By participating in the Rite-Hite Fly-In program, you will be able to find solutions that meet your specific needs while partnering with Rite-Hite, an innovative company focused on satisfying the needs of its clients

The program

The Fly-In program is a customized program given over a period of one or two days. We believe that it is an important step of your decision-making process. Rite-Hite wants to guide you through all steps of the process, from start to finish. We also schedule some time to visit a few local attractions.