In an industrial setting, environmental variables may challenge the capacity of working efficiently and safely on a daily basis. Finding the best method to separate different environments and to control ambient conditions inside a plant is a huge task. Environmental worries and challenges can exist in many areas inside the plant.
Seal the perimeter of the building 

An inefficient sealing of the loading dockcan lead to several problems for the companyenergy loss, quality inspection problemscontamination problems, damaged products, safety risks and reduced comfort for the employeesAlso, considering the multiple sizes and configurations of trailers (notably the height), finding a solution is not always easyWhat should you doSeal the perimeter of your building and make sure your loading dock isperfectly sealed.

Separate refrigerated warehouses or sanitary environment

Inside the plant, in addition to the loading dock, it may be necessary to separate certain work areas – refrigerated warehouses, sanitary environments, etc. – while making sure they are easily accessibleEach of these areas must meet requirements and standards and have specific equipment that can increase efficiency, safety and energy savingsFind the best indoor and outdoor door systems for your plant that will also ensure continuous productivity and environment control.

Create interior spaces

Flexible fabric wall systems allow you to separate large spaces or create new spaces inside your facility or dockThey allow you to better control the environmental conditions without having to build permanent walls.

Air circulation control

Think about the benefits of offering a cooler environment in the summer and a warmer environment in the winterIn addition to being an important improvement for your company, it reduces your costs and energy consumptionThe mechanics behind air circulation in large spaces is an important issue to consider.

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