This is the reason why we have become the leader in the development of loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barrier systems, HVLS fans and industrial curtain walls in Quebec.


Restraining hooks

Rite-Hite continues to improve its restraining systems to conform to regulations, standards and industry changes, including new trailer and loading dock designs.


Dock levelers

Rite-Hite dock levelers are designed for your most demanding loading dock operations and offer an exceptional durability and reliability and the most affordable carrying costs.


Dock leveler seals

Rite-Hite is a world leader in dock leveler seals since 1951.

Compared to other suppliers, our products offer the superior quality you expect as well as innovative and exclusive designs that solve any issues.


Industrial doors

Rite-Hite offers a complete range of solutions including interior and exterior industrial doors, refrigerated warehouse doors, fast opening doors, lateral opening doors and white room doors that can virtually meet all your needs.


Industrial curtains

Zoneworks’ industrial curtain walls are versatile and modular. They allow you to separate spaces rapidly and at a lesser cost. This flexible design gives you the possibility to easily reconfigure, move or remove walls when your needs change.


Machine guarding system

Rite-Hite has developed a reliable and tested range of products to lock industrial machines in order to protect employees from potential dangers when they are in close proximity to operational machines and robots.


Industrial fans

Rite-Hite performing fans ensure an essential exchange of ambient conditions inside the buildings all year long. In addition to keeping the employees cool during the summer and warm during the winter, Rite-Hite fans can also help reduce energy costs.


Safety barriers

Rite-Hite helps prevent accidents at the loading dock and in other areas by offering a complete range of safety barrier systems to protect your employees.


Snow removal systems for trucks

Scraper Systems ™ FleetPlows snow removal systems require low maintenance and are designed to remove snow off trucks and buses rapidly and effortlessly in the most difficult winter conditions.