Keep your doors and productivity on track by avoiding expensive door repairs


Sectional Door Protection With The Warden Series

Keep your doors and productivity on track by avoiding expensive door repairs. When a fork truck impacts your overhead doors, your whole company suffers the impact– downtime, repair costs and diminished productivity. In the case of exterior openings, energy loss, rodent infiltration, reduced employee comfort and security are additional concerns. Warden Door Guards offer permanent protection for your industrial doors.

  • Cover every angle. Conventional pipe bollards don’t always provide full protection for sectional door tracks and power door side frame assemblies. Fork tips, pallets and loads can easily slip past a bollard and cause damage.
  • Station a guard around vulnerable components. The Warden Series provide wrap-around protection to deflect front and side impacts, while a wide foot-print spreads collision forces.
  • Help minimize back injury. When sectional door tracks are damaged, the added force required to lift the doors can cause back injuries. With the Warden Series Door Guards in place, this threat is greatly minimized.
  • Fit new and existing doors. Help protect your investment of new or existing doors by installing Warden Series guards and begin saving on repairs immediately. There’s a Warden to watch over virtually every style door.

The swing-open design of some conventional power door side frames dictates that bollards be placed a considerable distance from the side frame. While protected from straight-on collisions, side frames remain at risk from side impacts.