Helps prevent carts, pedestrians and non-motorized lift trucks from falling off the dock. A smple, easy-to-use safety solution for almost any loading dock, drop-off or protection need.



Help prevent loading dock accidents

  • Helps prevent fork trucks, pallet jacks, and pedestrians from falling off a loading dock.
  • Helps protect the dangerous 4-foot drop off at the loading dock that can result in serious injuries that are sometimes fatal.

Designed for impact

  • Designed to stop up to 5,500 lbs. (2500 kg). Consult the Dok-Guardian BLAST Impact Rating Chart for complete weight and speed ratings.
  • 44″ (1120 mm) high bright red PVC-coated fiberglass mesh curtain with three bright yellow heavy-duty restraint straps.
  • Serves as a highly visible warning sign.
  • Operated manually and easily fits across openings up to 16’5″ (5000 mm) wide.
  • Anchored on either side by 48” (1220 mm) tall yellow safety Warden guards,which provide excellent door track protection.
  • Retracts into one of the Wardens when loading or unloading trailer

Flexible design

  • Can be used inside a facility to separate people from production and material handling equipment
  • Designed to integrate with Rite-Hite’s powerful Dok-Lok® system to ensure full time loading dock safety
  • The red light on the Dok-Lok control box indicates that the Dok-Guardian’s curtain is safely locked across the opening
  • When the lock button on the Dok-Lok is pressed and the inside light turns green, the Dok-Guardian interlock releases, allowing for loading and unloading of trailer