• VBR-100

    The VBR-100 Dok-Lok® Vehicle (trailer) restraint is a wall mounted, vertical barrier restraint that works to address premature departure and trailer creep separation accidents.

    VBR-100 Features & Benefit : 

    Exclusive Barrier Design, Safe,…

  • VBR-300

    The VBR-300 Dok-Lok Vehicle (trailer)restraint is a ground stored, vertical barrier restraint that addresses accidents caused by the basic types of trailer separation.

    VBR-300 Features and Benefits

    Exclusive Barrier Design, Positive Engagement Notification, Safe, constant…

  • VBR-600

    The VBR-600 Dok-Lok Vehicle Trailer Restraint is a recessed system designed to secure a semi-trailer to a loading dock by engaging the trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) with a large,…