Pedestrians, visitors, lift trucks, material handling, elevated platforms and mezzanines are all risks of injury or even deadly accidents that can happen in a plant or a facility. Not counting the risks of damaging or losing products or equipment. In terms of safety and protection, a simple yellow line on the floor is not enough.

The safety of pedestrians means protecting all employees and visitors every day. Deadly injuries and accidents are one of the main preoccupations in a manufacturing environment. Therefore, companies must adopt a proactive approach with regard to safety equipment and make barriers a top priority. They must also consider the benefits of industrial doors to maintain the flow of traffic.

Over the years, the use of an increased number of elevated platforms and mezzanines has created the necessity to protect areas where work can sometimes be performed at more than 9 meters from the ground. Falls can lead to work stoppage and are the second most important cause of deaths at the workplace (source: National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2012 Edition).

If your facility uses moving equipment that represents a safety hazard, it must be secured. The installation of a physical barrier may not be enough or may not be in accordance with safety standards. Choose products that are designed to facilitate access to various spaces and to resist to industrial environments while offering protection at all times.

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