Smooth Transition Dok System - Dock Levelers & Trailer Restraints

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Smooth Transition Dok Systems is designed to provide the smoothest path between your loading dock floor and the trailer by minimizing the bumps and gaps that are typical on traditional levelers. This reduces jolts experienced by forklift operators while loading or unloading a trailer.

There's a whole lotta shakin' going on down on your loading dock. And it's costing you plenty.
That's why we're talking Smooth. With the Rite-Hite Smooth Transition Dok System. The only complete loading dock solution that gives you the

smoothest path between your warehouse floor and the trailer bed -- by eliminating dock shock and trailer drop.

Dock shock is the constant jolting and jarring caused by a forklift crossing over the bumps and gaps on a traditional dock leveler. It

results in exposure to whole-body vibration. And that can cause or accelerate back and neck injuries for your forklift operators.
The costs are high. A first-time back injury can cost your company as much as $10,000. A severe, chronic back injury case ¬-- nearly $300,000

over time.

Muscle fatigue caused by whole body vibration also reduces productivity. And the constant jarring shakes up your products -- and your profits.
Part of the Rite-Hite Smooth Transition Dok System, a Rite-Hite Smooth Transition Dock Leveler reduces whole body vibration by as much as 70


The rear hinge of a traditional dock leveler can feel like going over a rumble strip for the forklift operator. The constant-radius rear

hinge on a Smooth Transition Dock Leveler reduces this gap. On the front lip hinge, a two-point lip crown ensures a smooth transition

between the leveler and the trailer bed.

A smooth, even, lip-to-deck match also reduces any catch-points that could damage products or equipment. The result: a smooth ride across

the dock leveler ¬-- and less risk of back injuries, product damage and equipment damage.

But that's just half the story. Another concern is trailer drop -- the vertical movement of unstabilized trailers, caused by the changing

weight of the load in a trailer as it's loaded or unloaded. This is especially severe on trailers equipped with air-ride suspensions.
Trailer beds can 8 inches during loading. This repeated jarring and jolting can also cause or aggravate chronic back and neck injuries for

your forklift operators.

Products,are also jostled around, causing damage and added expense- Particularly with fragile and heavy loads. Frequent, sudden drops mean

increased forklift maintenance. And the constant, up-and-down rubbing of trailers against dock seals and bumpers can require costly repairs

and replacement.

Trailers that aren't properly secured to the dock can also move horizontally Which increases the chance for a catastrophic accident. Trailer

separation accidents such as trailer creep, unscheduled departure, landing gear collapse, and trailer pop-up or tip over -- are serious

safety concerns on the loading dock. They can result in severe injuries, even death.

The innovative STR-4000 Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint, part of the Smooth Transition Dok System by Rite-Hite, addresses both catastrophic trailer

separation accidents and trailer drop. The STR-4000 Restraint wraps up, over and around the trailer's rear impact guard, to grip it securely

reducing horizontal trailer movement and the chance for trailer separation accidents. The STR-4000 also stabilizes the rear on the trailer -

which reduces vertical trailer movement, or trailer drop -- making the trailer a smooth, secure extension of your warehouse floor.

With the Rite-Hite Smooth Transition Dok System, you'll reduce chronic injuries and lost time. Maintain higher productivity. Prevent

catastrophic accidents. Decrease product damage. Minimize wear and tear on equipment. And you'll save thousands of dollars each year on

medical, product damage and equipment repair costs.

No drops. No shocks. No shakin'. With the Rite-Hite Smooth Transition Dok System. -- smooth as slate.
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Smooth Transition Dok System - Dock Levelers & Trailer Restraints
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